"Hát akkor bazdmeg!" (Régi kínai bölcsesség)

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Itt fogok reblogolni, originálkontentet tölteni, gpoyokkal szpemmelni a dest és zokogni a hét torony közül a legmagasabbikban Fiona hercegnő mellett miközben egymás pinaszőrét fonogatjuk. Prosztóságok a maximumon, de amúgy fabulous vagyok.

én: hm
én: megpróbálom berakni a fülbevalóm ebbe a lyukba, hátha nem nőtt még be teljesen, és akkor megvan szimmetrikusan mindkét oldalon a 2-2 lyuk
én: hopp, át is ment…
én: aú, bazdmeg!

és így lőttem vissza magamnak véletlenül a negyedik lyukat a fülembe egy fülbevalóval.

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#csöppet fáj 


puppy is understandably confused about everything in life

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For the past two days, this little dinosaur has been hitchhiking on my side mirror.image

And every time I go back to my car, he’s just chilling on top of the mirror, ready to go.


The dude’s hella confused though. He sees himself in the mirror and tries to attract himself to himself


And sometimes it looks like he fell off …





cherish him forever

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I literally just cried for a good five minutes over this


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now repeat after me: I am free →




When we think about freedom, we don’t actually think about absolute freedom because it’s not something that exists.

"You can do whatever you want! You are a free human!" Yeah, I want to fly, and I want to change the colour of my eyes, without using anything artificial products. Or using anything….

reblogging for the sake of having it here

reblogging because apparently OP wasn’t free enough to have the time and the opportunity (or, heaven forbid, the right) to make sure the points he or she was trying to make were conveyed in a clear and concise manner.

PROTIP: a shaky grasp on sentence structure and a blatant disregard for grammar and punctuation rules are all permissible (nay, even mandatory) for a short and fleeting rant. but if you aim to probe into matters like this in depth (and at length), it would seem prudent to a) do it in your own fucking native language, or b) take your time and use some elbow grease to make sure the message doesn’t get lost or outright dismissed because of such minutiae.

Még ha egy kicsit ingerültnek is tűnik ez a válasz, azért a tippek nem rosszak. :D

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Ugyanitt embereket keresek, akik viccesek és beszélgetnek velem. 

bármikor bébi. :D


Ugyanitt embereket keresek, akik viccesek és beszélgetnek velem. 

bármikor bébi. :D

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redpowa started following hatakkorbazdmeg

Szia itt is. :D

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